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Room 42 Challenge

about 1 year ago


Congratulations to room 42 for making your AR goal and enjoying some pizza. Mr. C was really looking forward to winning this challenge. Oh well, you can see the disappointment on his face

Who can do it???

about 1 year ago

Any class

      Any class that is currently reading AR books, taking and passing AR tests

When can it be done????

about 1 year ago

Anytime. Any place

All you have to do is set a goal, a challenge and a time

Room 48 Challenge

about 1 year ago


Congratulations to Mrs. Luna's class for earning the jelly bean dispenser and the chance to play bean boozled with Mr. C.  They set a goal for points and met that goal. 

And when we played..........


Lawn Clippings

Dead Fish


Room 52 Challenge

about 1 year ago

Wrapped like a mummy

Mr. Najar's class was challegened to read AR points and were able to mummify Mr. C. Job well done room 52

Selfie Time

First ever known selfie taken on campus by Haycox students with a mummy

What is it??

about 1 year ago

AR CHallenge

An opportunity to challenge your class to earn a reward from Mr. C, BUT if you don't make it then you have to do what Mr. C says.......

How do we do it ???

about 1 year ago

Just have your teacher ask Mr. C